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Code IllustrationNeed to buy Enterprise Business FieldsPrice City Status View
MDN-237 Need to buy a kindergarten in Hanoi Education-Training-Vocational Hanoi Inviting... 215
MDN-236 Need to buy a stationary company operating well in HCM Stationery–School equipment HCM city Inviting... 207
MDN-235 Need to buy a company operating in construction design and consultancy in Hanoi Construction–Construction materials Hanoi Inviting... 206
MDN-234 Need to buy a mechanical enterprise in HCM Mechanics-Assembling HCM city Inviting... 215
MDN-225 Need to buy corporate juridical person of a telecommunication company in Ho Chi Minh city Post – Telecom HCM city Inviting... 205
MDN-224 Need to buy a restaurant in Hoan Kiem Shops-Hotels-S.Market Hanoi Inviting... 232
MDN-221 Buying liquidated sticking-plaster production line Manufacture Hanoi Inviting... 213
MDN-214 Need to buy juridical person of an experienced construction company in Bac Ninh Construction–Construction materials Bac Ninh Inviting... 206
MDN-213 ICE - M&A : Looking for buying an European restaurant in Hanoi Shops-Hotels-S.Market Hanoi Inviting... 205
MDN-211 ICE - M&A : Looking for buying a tourism company in Ho Chi Minh city Others HCM city Inviting... 189
MDN-210 ICE - M&A : Looking for buying an IT company with a large customer system Internet–IT-Computing Equipment 300 million HCM city Inviting... 179
MDN-209 ICE - M&A : Looking for buying a cafe & office lunch restaurant Shops-Hotels-S.Market Around VND 250 million Hanoi Inviting... 201
MDN-208 ICE - M&A :Looking for buying a cafe restaurant in Hanoi Shops-Hotels-S.Market Around VND 200 million Hanoi Inviting... 200
MDN-207 ICE - M&A: Looking for buying a hotel in Hanoi Shops-Hotels-S.Market < VND30 billion Hanoi Inviting... 206
MDN-199 Buying experienced construction company Construction–Construction materials HCM city Inviting... 211
MDN-197 Buying transport and irrigation construction company Construction–Construction materials Negotiation price Hanoi Inviting... 203
MDN-196 Buying the whole of shares of a securities company Securities Negotiation price Hanoi Inviting... 175
MDN-195 Buying experienced construction company Construction–Construction materials Negotiation price HCM city Inviting... 203
MDN-194 An Indonesian company wants to buy or cooperate with a beverage and fast food company. Foods - Fast food 100 billion - 1000 billion Hanoi Inviting... 181
MDN-186 Demand for buying an interior decoration enterprise in Hanoi Others 3 billion VND Hanoi Inviting... 195
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